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The Prince of Egypt

The Prince of Egypt at Dominion Theatre

The Prince of Egypt

February 2020 until January 2022.

This production of The Prince of Egypt Ran From 05/02/2020 to 08/01/2022 and is a Residency at Dominion Theatre featuring Adam Pearce, Luke Brady, Liam Tamne, Christine Allado, and Alexia Khadime [Generated By Dress Circle]

Recommended Age: 7+

This production has finished, but would you like to know when The Prince of Egypt announces another?

The Prince of Egypt Cast

Debbie Kurup

Queen Tuya

Mercedesz Csampai

Yocheved/Understudy Miriam

Nardia Ruth


Simbi Akande

Ensemble/Understudy Nefertari and Miriam

Casey Al-Shaqsy

Ensemble/Understudy Tzipporah and Nefertari

Joe Atkinson

Swing/Standby Fight Captain

Carly Miles

Ensemble/Dance Captain

Maternity Cover

Danny Becker

Ensemble/Understudy Aaron and Moses

Maternity Cover

Soophia Foroughi

Ensemble/Understudy Tuya and Yocheved

Samuel Sarpong-Bruni

Swing/Understudy Jethro and Ramses

George Hankers

Ensemble Cover

Scott Maurice

Ensemble/Understudy Hotep and Seti

Jack Harrison-Cooper

Ensemble/Understudy Aaron

Alice Readie


Jersey Blu Georgia

Young Miriam/Leah/Young Hebrew

Christopher Short

Ensemble / Understudy Hotep

Niko Wirachman

Ensemble/Assistant Dance Captain

Maternity Cover

Chenai Broadbent

Young Miriam/Leah/Young Hebrew

Cian Eagle-Service

Young Aaron/Young Egyptian Boy/Young Midian Boy

Maiya Eastmond

Young Miriam/Leah/Young Hebrew

Taylor Jenkins

Young Aaron/Young Egyptian Boy/Young Midian Boy

Iman Pabani

Young Miriam/Leah/Young Hebrew

Vishal Soni

Young Aaron / Young Egyptian Boy / Young Midian Boy

Jay Marsh

Ensemble/Understudy Seti and Jethro

Natalie Green

Swing/Understudy Tuya and Yocheved

Felipe Bejarano

Ensemble/Understudy Ramses

Adam Filipe

Ensemble/Understudy Moses and Ramses/Fight Captain

The Prince of Egypt Creative

We currently have no creative listed for this production, as soon as we have this information we will update the listing (if you have this information, please Login and submit a revision).

Previous Cast

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Tanisha SpringNefertari05/02/20 - 16/09/21
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