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How Dress Circle Works?

Dress Circle helps answer three basic questions

What shows should I go and see?

With our Top 100 List, we've got an easy to view ranking of every show in our database which is generated using our encorithm you can also do more advanced searches on our theatre shows database to look for specific things like upcoming childrens shows near Birminghamthe encorithmtakes all the ratings, ranking and review data we have from our members and generates a score, if you Sign Up to Dress Circle that score can be used to recommend shows that you will enjoy based on Your Dress Circle.

Using FollowSpot

If you want to be the first to know about new productions of your favourite show or an actor that you love moves to a new show, Add them to your FollowSpot and you'll get an alert as soon as we know.

What shows have I seen?

The concept is simple, you Sign Up and add all the shows you've seen to your Dress Circle, you can then show that off to your friends (along with any badges you've earned), we take this information and build a recommendations list for you of new experiences.

What shows do I have booked

Using the Calendar

With the Calendar you can add the shows you've got booked and we will generate a Calendar feed that updates automatically with all your show, we will also remind you just before showday (and keep an eye on any cancellations or date changes).