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Dress Circle Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Dress Circle Privacy Statement, rather than have thousands of pages of legal jabber, we would just write a list of what tools we use, what data that we store and what we use it for.

  • You are more than welcome to use Dress Circle without logging in, if you choose to signup you can do so via Social networks or manual, we collect (but don't require)
    • Your name (It makes emails more personalised if we use your name)
    • Your email address (hard to send you alerts and recommendations if we don't have this)
    • Your postcode (This lets us look for shows within a certain radius of you)
    We will NEVER sell databases of our users information so they can spam you (I hate that).
  • We use your show data and combine it with others to produce our learning dataset for our rankings and recommendations engine, whilst this isn't tied to you directly, it's best to be upfront and say that you using our site helps us learn.
  • Dress Circle uses Fathom Analytics to monitor incoming traffic, popular pages and referalls, none of the information is personally identifiable (we don't store i.p. addresses or link our analytics to users)
  • Dress Circle uses Login with Twitter and Facebook as alternative ways for you to login without signing up, We request your Username, Name and Avatar using these API's and offer them as suggested prefills on Dress Circle
  • Dress Circle uses Affiliate Marketing, site sponsorship and Google Adsense to earn money, when you click on some of the links to book, we may get a commision for that sale, however this is currently less than 5% of the links on our website.
  • We sometimes run Twitter and Facebook campaigns to try and bring more traffic to the website, when these campaigns are running we may have to add the tracking code onto the website for a short period of time.
  • We may use the aggregate data in our website to highlight areas of interest for partners (such as a tour producer who wants to highlight popular areas for fans of their show), this information is displayed in heatmaps and accumulate numbers, not personally identifiable information.
  • The ads we serve may be influenced by our recommendations engine to serve ads for shows which it deems relevant to you, whilst we figure most people are using AdBlock or something similar these days, if you see something and think "ohh that's an ad for a show I want to see" that is hopefully intentional
  • If you would like to discuss any privacy concerns, issues or would like your data deleted, please email the address below and we'd be happy to help

Dress Circle isn't full time job for anyone (yet!) so if you spot an issue or have any questions, please email [email protected] and someone (probably Dom) will get back to you