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Sylvia (Musical)

Sylvia (Musical) at The Old Vic

Sylvia (Musical)

January 2023 until April 2023.

This production of Sylvia (Musical) Runs From 27/01/2023 to 01/04/2023 and is a Residency at The Old Vic featuring Beverley Knight, Kelly Agbowu, Verity Blyth, Kimmy Edwards, and Alex Gaumond [Generated By Dress Circle]

Runtime:150 minutes

Recommended Age: 11+

This production has finished, but would you like to know when Sylvia (Musical) announces another?

Sylvia (Musical) Cast

Beverley Knight

Emmeline Pankhurst

Kelly Agbowu

Mrs Drummond / Mrs Savoy

Verity Blyth

Clementine Churchill / Mrs Scurr

Kimmy Edwards

Emily Davison / Lillie Hardie / Mrs Watkins

Alex Gaumond

Keir Hardie

Jade Hackett

Lady Jennie Churchill / Mrs Payne

Todd Holdsworth

Silvio Corio

Stevie Hutchinson

Lloyd George / Lord Curzon

Hannah Khemoh

Understudy Emmeline Pankhurst

Razak Osman

Harry Pankhurst / Sir Almroth Wright

Jay Perry

Winston Churchill / George Lansbury

Sharon Rose

Sylvia Pankhurst

Kirstie Skivington

Adela Pankhurst

Ellena Vincent

Christabel Pankhurst

Bradley Charles

Lord Cromer / Richard Pankhurst / Alan

Kandaka Moore

Mrs Parsons / Sophia Singh

Sinead Long


Sylvia (Musical) Creative

DJ Walde


Kate Prince


Kate Prince


Ben Stones


Cynthia De La Rosa

Wigs, Hair & Make-up

Mark Dickman

Music Supervisor

Leonn Meade

Music Supervisor

Sean Green

Musical Director

Jade Hackett

Associate Choreographer

Chris Alozie


Chris Alozie

Resident Director

Tash Prynne

Costume Supervisor

Oli Briant

Musicians' Contractor

Tachia Newall

Additional Lyrics