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Rocky Horror Show

Rocky Horror Show 25th Anniversary Tour

Rocky Horror Show

March 1998 until December 1999. This tour visits 28 venues

This production of Rocky Horror Show Ran From 24/03/1998 to 11/12/1999 and is a Tour visiting venues such as Theatre Royal in Brighton, Hackney Empire in London, Theatre Royal in Bath, New Victoria Theatre in Woking, and Swan in High Wycombe featuring Georgie Hayes, Amanda Manning, Laurie Brett, Ken Morley, and Gael Johnson [Generated By Dress Circle]

Recommended Age: 7+

This is an older production of Rocky Horror Show, Did you know that Rocky Horror Show has an active production right now! Why not check it out Rocky Horror Show

This production has finished, but would you like to know when Rocky Horror Show announces another?

Rocky Horror Show Cast

Gael Johnson


Georgie Hayes

Riff Raff

Ken Morley


Selected dates

Selected dates

Tony Booth


Selected dates

Selected dates

Michael Nielson

Eddie/Dr Scott

Darren Day

Frank N Furter

Rocky Horror Show Creative

Previous Cast

Shane Cortese12/04/99 - 05/06/99
Simona Morecroft24/03/98 - 05/06/99
Stuart de la Mere24/03/98 - 05/06/99
Mark White24/03/98 - 05/06/99
Nathan Taylor24/03/98 - 05/06/99
Lisa Gorgin12/04/99 - 05/06/99
Jason DonovanFrank N Furter24/03/98 - 05/06/99
Craig Giovanelli24/03/98 - 10/04/99
Bekki Carpenter24/03/98 - 10/04/99