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Life of Pi

Life of Pi UK Tour 2023/24

Life of Pi

August 2023 until June 2024. This tour visits 32 venues

This production of Life of Pi Runs From 29/08/2023 to 29/06/2024 and is a Tour visiting venues such as Theatre Royal in Plymouth, Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham, Royal & Derngate in Northampton, Curve Theatre in Leicester, and Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff featuring Divesh Subaskaran, Antony Antunes, Adwitha Arumugam, Bhawna Bhawsar, and Sebastian Goffin [Generated By Dress Circle]

Runtime:120 minutes

Recommended Age: 7+

Life of Pi Performance Times

Life of Pi Cast

Antony Antunes

Tiger Hind/Cook/Father Martin

Adwitha Arumugam

Pi Alternate

Bhawna Bhawsar

Lulu Chen/Mrs Biology Kumar

Akash Heer

Tiger Head

Romina Hytten

Tiger Heart and Hind

Katie Kennedy-Rose

Tiger Heart and Hind

Aizah Khan

Tiger Heart and Hind

Chand Martinez

Mamaji / Pandit-ji / Admiral Balbir Singh

Sharita Oomeer

Lulu Chen/Mrs Biology Kumar

Kate Rowsell

Tiger Heart and Hind

Lilian Tsang

Mrs Okamoto/Zaida Khan/Ships Captain

Peter Twose

Tiger Head/Voice of Richard Parker/Cook/Father Martin

Vinesh Veerasami

Russian Sailor

Life of Pi Creative

Max Webster


Upcoming Cast Changes

Divesh SubaskaranPiLeaving on 20/07/24
Antony AntunesTiger Hind/Cook/Father MartinLeaving on 20/07/24
Adwitha ArumugamPi AlternateLeaving on 20/07/24
Bhawna BhawsarLulu Chen/Mrs Biology KumarLeaving on 20/07/24
Sebastian GoffinTiger HeadLeaving on 20/07/24
Akash HeerTiger HeadLeaving on 20/07/24
Romina HyttenTiger Heart and HindLeaving on 20/07/24
Katie Kennedy-RoseTiger Heart and HindLeaving on 20/07/24
Aizah KhanTiger Heart and HindLeaving on 20/07/24
Chand MartinezMamaji / Pandit-ji / Admiral Balbir SinghLeaving on 20/07/24
Keshini MishaRaniLeaving on 20/07/24
Goldy NotayAmmaLeaving on 20/07/24
Sharita OomeerLulu Chen/Mrs Biology KumarLeaving on 20/07/24
Kate RowsellTiger Heart and HindLeaving on 20/07/24
Lilian TsangMrs Okamoto/Zaida Khan/Ships CaptainLeaving on 20/07/24
Peter TwoseTiger Head/Voice of Richard Parker/Cook/Father MartinLeaving on 20/07/24
Ralph BirtwellFatherLeaving on 20/07/24