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Guys and Dolls

Guys and Dolls at Piccadilly Theatre

Guys and Dolls

May 2005 until April 2007.

This production of Guys and Dolls Ran From 19/05/2005 to 14/04/2007 and is a Residency at Piccadilly Theatre featuring Norman Bowman, Samantha Womack, Don Johnson, Lisa Stokke, and Jack Edwards [Generated By Dress Circle]

Recommended Age: 7+

This is an older production of Guys and Dolls, Did you know that Guys and Dolls has an active production right now! Why not check it out Guys and Dolls

This production has finished, but would you like to know when Guys and Dolls announces another?

Guys and Dolls Cast

Norman Bowman

Sky Masterson

Samantha Womack

Miss Adelaide

Don Johnson

Nathan Detroit

Lisa Stokke

Sarah Brown

Jack Edwards

Nicely Nicely

Jo Servi


Carol Ball

General Cartwright

Spencer Stafford

Brandy Bottle Bates

Matthew Cole

Liverlips Louie / Havana Boy

Guys and Dolls Creative

Previous Cast

Ben RichardsSky Masterson05/02/07 - 10/03/07
Claire SweeneyMiss Adelaide05/02/07 - 10/03/07
Jo ServiCalvin19/05/05 - 04/02/07
Amy NuttallSarah Brown16/10/06 - 03/02/07
Norman BowmanSky Masterson16/10/06 - 03/02/07
Samantha WomackMiss Adelaide16/10/06 - 03/02/07
Alex FernsNathan Detroit04/12/06 - 06/01/07
Patrick SwayzeNathan Detroit24/07/06 - 02/12/06
Lynsey BrittonMiss Adelaide11/09/06 - 14/10/06
Kelly PriceSarah Brown06/03/06 - 14/10/06
Adam CooperSky Masterson06/03/06 - 14/10/06
Claire SweeneyMiss Adelaide10/07/06 - 09/09/06
Andrew PlayfootNathan Detroit10/07/06 - 22/07/06
Neil MorrisseyNathan Detroit06/03/06 - 08/07/06
Sally-Ann TriplettMiss Adelaide06/03/06 - 08/07/06
Nigel HarmanSky Masterson05/12/05 - 04/03/06
Nigel LindsayNathan Detroit05/12/05 - 04/03/06
Jenna RussellSarah Brown19/05/05 - 04/03/06
Sarah LancashireMiss Adelaide05/12/05 - 04/03/06
Douglas HodgeNathan Detroit19/05/05 - 03/12/05
Jane KrakowskiMiss Adelaide19/05/05 - 03/12/05
Ewan McGregorSky Masterson19/05/05 - 03/12/05