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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at London Palladium

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

April 2002 until September 2005.

This production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Ran From 16/04/2002 to 04/09/2005 and is a Residency at London Palladium featuring Jason Donovan, Tony Adams, Jo Gibb, and Alvin Stardust [Generated By Dress Circle]

Recommended Age: 7+

This production has finished, but would you like to know when Chitty Chitty Bang Bang announces another?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Cast

Jason Donovan

Caractacus Potts

Tony Adams

Grandpa Potts

Jo Gibb

Truly Scrumptious

Alvin Stardust

Child Catcher

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Creative

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Previous Cast

Brian ConleyCaractacus Potts15/03/05 - 19/06/05
Jason DonovanCaractacus Potts07/09/04 - 15/03/05
Stephen GatelyChild Catcher07/09/04 - 13/03/05
Scarlett StrallenTruly Scrumptious16/03/04 - 13/03/05
Lionel BlairChild Catcher16/03/04 - 05/09/04
Gary WilmotCaractacus Potts16/02/04 - 05/09/04
Caroline SheenTruly Scrumptious17/03/03 - 13/03/04
Wayne SleepChild Catcher24/07/03 - 13/03/04
Russ AbbotGrandpa Potts16/09/03 - 13/03/04
Jason DonovanCaractacus Potts12/01/04 - 14/02/04
Peter BishopCaractacus Potts01/12/03 - 10/01/04
Gary WilmotCaractacus Potts21/07/03 - 29/11/03
Anton RodgersGrandpa Potts19/03/02 - 14/09/03
Derek GriffithsChild Catcher09/12/02 - 22/07/03
Michael BallCaractacus Potts19/03/02 - 19/07/03
Emma WilliamsTruly Scrumptious19/03/02 - 15/03/03
Paul O'GradyChild Catcher16/09/02 - 07/12/02
Richard O'BrienChild Catcher19/03/02 - 14/09/02