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It's Aladdin.... but a Musical.

How long does Aladdin Last for?

Does Aladdin have any age restrictions? 7+

Does Aladdin have an interval? Yes

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Where is Aladdin playing?

Aladdin currently has no current or future productions scheduled

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What they loved

  • The costumes - phenomenal! The Genie - amazing!
  • Great performances, classic songbook
  • Music was great, production and costumes were bright and colourful, cast were fantastic.
  • Beautiful sets, clever techniques, genie was insanely good, catchy and familiar, upbeat and entertaining
  • Genie was great - show should have been about him.
  • What not to like about any disney show? It fun, funny, music great, costumes and set is amazing and of course songs we all love to sing Loud with a smile on our faces. It a show that you leave with a big smile on your face and that flying carpet scene WOW
  • I liked seeing the disney charcacters on stage and i loved the flying carpet. It was an amazing experience
  • Beautiful production values
  • Fun musical
  • The Genie was the standout performer, inside the cave of wonders was spectacular
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What they didn't enjoy

  • Too panto-like
  • The end felt rushed, too much time devoted to the start of the aladdin story
  • Felt a little bit 'panto' in places.
  • Not on par with other disney on stage productions
  • The ending was rushed.
  • I think everything was amazing
  • Let down by the actor playing Aladdin, totally overshadowed by Jasmine
  • Genie overshadowed the rest of the cast, it should have been a 'Wicked' style, origin story of the Genie, otherwise it felt like a pantomime with a budget in the millions.

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