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2:22 - A Ghost Story

2:22 - A Ghost Story at Apollo Theatre

2:22 - A Ghost Story

May 2023 until September 2023.

This production of 2:22 - A Ghost Story Runs From 14/05/2023 to 17/09/2023 and is a Residency at Apollo Theatre featuring Jaime Winstone, Clifford Samuel, Ricky Champ, Luis Donegan-Brown, and Gemma Yates-Round [Generated By Dress Circle]

Recommended Age: 14+

This is an older production of 2:22 - A Ghost Story, Did you know that 2:22 - A Ghost Story has an active production right now! Why not check it out 2:22 - A Ghost Story

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2:22 - A Ghost Story Cast

2:22 - A Ghost Story Creative

James Robert Moore

Associate Director

Robyn Grant

Assistant Director

Tina Torbey

Designs Associate

Cindy Lin


Lucy Carter


For Autograph

Lizzie Frankl

Props Supervisor

For Propsworks

Chris Reid

Sound Associate

Chris Fisher


Sean Gleason

Lighting Associate

Will Houstoun

Illusions Associate

Hazel Holder

Vocal Coach

Matt Ledbury

Production Manager

Natalie Jackson

Coustume Supervisor

Rachel Bown-Williams

Fight Director

Ruth Cooper-Brown

Fight Director

RC Annie Ltd

Andie Dew

Company Stage Manager

Tanith Mackenzie

Deputy Stage Manager

Philip Doherty

Assistant Stage Manager

Previous Cast

Sophia BushLauren14/05/23 - 21/07/23