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Witches of Eastwick

Witches of Eastwick at The Prince of Wales Theatre

Witches of Eastwick

March 2001 until October 2001.

This production of Witches of Eastwick Ran From 23/03/2001 to 27/10/2001 and is a Residency at The Prince of Wales Theatre featuring Caroline Sheen, Joanna Riding, Stephen Tate, Sarah Lark, and Rosemary Ashe [Generated By Dress Circle]

Recommended Age: 7+

This production has finished, but would you like to know when Witches of Eastwick announces another?

Witches of Eastwick Cast

Joanna Riding

Jane Smart

Rosemary Ashe

Felicia Gabriel

Clarke Peters

Darryl Van Horne

Josefina Gabrielle

Alexandra Spofford

Rebecca Thornhill

Sukie Rougemont

Stephen Tate

Clyde Gabriel

Caroline Sheen

Jennifer Gabriel

Paul Spicer

Michael Spofford

Ian Caddick

Dr Henry Pattison

Darren Carnell

Curtis Halleybread

Scott Ciscon

Joe Marino

Alison Forbes

Mabel Ogden

Shaun Henson

Homer Perley

Sophia Ragavelas

Marcy Wills

Christopher Howell

Raymond Neff

Kieran Jae

Toby Bergman

Sarah Lark

Little Girl

Stephen McGlynn

Frank Ogden

Susie McKenna

Eudora Bryce

Louisa Shaw

Marge Perley

Julia Sutton

Franny Lovecraft

Amanda Villamayor

Brenda Parsley

Claire Winsper

Mavis Jessup

Elizabeth Yeats

Gina Marino

Witches of Eastwick Creative

Bob Avian


Stephen Mear


Previous Cast

Matt DempseyCurtis Halleybread23/03/01 - 30/06/01
Lucie ArnazAlexandra Spofford23/03/01 - 30/06/01
Valda AviksEudora Bryce23/03/01 - 30/06/01
Kevin CurtinJoe Marino23/03/01 - 30/06/01
Anne Marie McCormackGretta Neff23/03/01 - 30/06/01
Timothy WaltonBob Osgood23/03/01 - 30/06/01
Maria FriedmanSukie Rougemont23/03/01 - 30/06/01
Peter JöbackMichael Spofford23/03/01 - 30/06/01
Kathryn AkinBrenda Parsley23/03/01 - 30/06/01
Hawkyard HawkyardRebecca Barnes23/03/01 - 30/06/01
Chris HollandFrank Ogden23/03/01 - 30/06/01
Jasna IvirGina Marino23/03/01 - 30/06/01
Maurice LaneDr Henry Pattison23/03/01 - 30/06/01
Jean McGlynMarcy Willis23/03/01 - 30/06/01
Lisa PeaceMarge Perley23/03/01 - 30/06/01
Scarlett StrallenMavis Jessup23/03/01 - 30/06/01
Graham TudorToby Bergman23/03/01 - 30/06/01
Kevin WainwrightRaymond Neff23/03/01 - 30/06/01
Earl CarpenterDarryl Van Horne23/03/01 - 30/06/01
Jocelyn HawkyardRebecca Barnes23/03/01 - 30/06/01