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Uncle Vanya

Uncle Vanya at Lyric

Uncle Vanya

August 1991 until August 1991.

This production of Uncle Vanya Ran From 12/08/1991 to 31/08/1991 and is a Residency at Lyric featuring Richard Briers, Patrick Godley, Sian Thomas, Annabel Arden, and Peter Egan [Generated By Dress Circle]

Recommended Age: 7+

This production has finished, but would you like to know when Uncle Vanya announces another?

Uncle Vanya Performance Times

Show times not available

Uncle Vanya Cast

Richard Briers

Ivan Petrovich Voynitsky (Uncle Vanya)

Patrick Godley

Aleksandr Vladimirovich Serebryakov

Sian Thomas

Helena Andreyevna Serebryakova (Yelena)

Annabel Arden

Sofia Alexandrovna Serebryakova (Sonya)

Peter Egan

Mikhail Lvovich Astrov

Olga Lowe

Maria Vasilyevna Voynitskya

Jimmy Yuill

Ilya Ilych Telegin

Stella Moray

Marina Timofeevna

Uncle Vanya Creative

Peter Egan


Rick Fisher


Pam Gems