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The Time Machine


The Time Machine

The Time Machine

A hilarious retelling of the epic and world-famous novel by HG Wells. Fast-paced, wise-cracking, this is an adaptation like no other. When the world of science fiction and science fact collide extraordinary and mind-boggling things can happen. Expect the most surprising and unforeseen consequences as we go on a journey through time. A comedy that travels to the end of the earth's life in order to reflect on our own. Join us for a hilarious roller-coaster ride of a show and a brilliant new take on H.G. Wells classic science fiction novella. Strap yourself in as you’re taken on a fast and funny journey with plenty of twists and turns along the way, just make sure to note down the time and date on your way in… you know… just in case you have to find your way back there at some point…

How long does The Time Machine Last for? 125 Minutes

Does The Time Machine have any age restrictions? 10+

Does The Time Machine have an interval? No

This show does not have enough ratings to display stats yet.

Where is The Time Machine playing?

The Time Machine currently has no current or future productions scheduled

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