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The Pillowman
Strong languageComedy


The Pillowman

Strong languageComedy
The Pillowman

In a totalitarian state a Writer is questioned by the authorities about a spate of murders that bear similarities to his short stories. Is this life imitating art or something more sinister? This black comedy widely regarded as one of the greatest plays of the past 25 years, examines the role of the artist in society and asks what price do we pay for freedom of expression.

How long does The Pillowman Last for? 160 Minutes

Does The Pillowman have any age restrictions? 16+

Does The Pillowman have an interval? Yes

This show does not have enough ratings to display stats yet.

Where is The Pillowman playing?

The Pillowman currently has no current or future productions scheduled

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LikesWhat they loved

  • Liked the play, particularly Steve Pemberton.

DislikesWhat they didn't enjoy

  • Thought Lily Allen was weak.

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