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The Mirror Crack'd
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The Mirror Crack'd

Opening soon
The Mirror Crack'd

1960s England and a wind of change is blowing through the land. It has even reached the sleepy village of St. Mary Mead. There’s a new housing estate to make the villagers curious and fearful. And even stranger, a rich American film star has bought the Manor House. Jane Marple, confined to a chair after an accident, is wondering if life has passed her by. Then there is a vicious murder, and Miss Marple must unravel a web of lies, tragedy and danger. This adaptation of Agatha Christie’s famous novel brings real emotional depth and psychological insight to a thrilling story of revenge and the dark secrets that we all hide. But can anything be hidden from Miss Marple, the sweet old lady with a mind like a steel trap?

How long does The Mirror Crack'd Last for?

Does The Mirror Crack'd have any age restrictions? 7+

Does The Mirror Crack'd have an interval? Yes

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