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Emma wants to dance. Phoebe is struggling to stay out of referral units. Austerity hasn’t helped, screens are proving to be challenging and trauma lurks somewhere in the very beginnings of the umbilical cord. When you are battling a storm you gotta hanker down and believe it will pass. But when the storm gets into your home what do you do to protect the ones you love? Storm is a raw, new play written by Juliet Knight and gives voice to invisible women who have sat alone in special care units and now wonder if that is why their miracle children are teenagers who fight so hard against the world. It is a new play celebrating motherhood & exploring how chaos, conflict & closeness in a single parent unit can affect a mother & daughter’s mental health & future.

How long does Storm Last for? 70 Minutes

Does Storm have any age restrictions? 12+

Does Storm have an interval? No

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Where is Storm playing?

Storm currently has no current or future productions scheduled

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