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Rose Rage


Rose Rage

Rose Rage

A two part production of Shakespeare's Henry VI trilogy. Part One: With Henry V barely cold in his grave, leaving his infant son as heir to the throne, the English nobility are quarelling over power and control. Richard of York sets Jack Cade the peoples hero, to start a rebellion, putting the country into turmoil. At the battle of St Albans two great forces meet and so begin a blood battle for the throne... Part Two: With the power struggle continuing, a defeated King Henry VI agrees that after his death the crown shall go to York, rather than his own son. Queen Margret, in order to protect her son's birthright, kills York. York's son Edward then defeats Margret, and she flees to France. The war excalates...

Show Length 135 Minutes

Recommended Minimum Age 12+

Interval? Yes

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