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Private Lives


Private Lives

Private Lives

Elyot and Amanda, who were once married, find themselves on honeymoon with their new partners, in the same hotel on the French Riviera, admiring the view from adjoining balconies. Their initial horror quickly evaporates and soon they are sharing cocktails. Who knows what the future holds for them now…

How long does Private Lives Last for?

Does Private Lives have any age restrictions? 7+

Does Private Lives have an interval? Yes

This show does not have enough ratings to display stats yet.

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Private Lives currently has 1 current production

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LikesWhat they loved

  • Liked the performers in general

DislikesWhat they didn't enjoy

  • Of all the Noel Coward I’ve seen, this has dated the worst. Generally not really that funny. For a short play it’s actually quite dull. Average age in the theatre was about 75-80.

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