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Rachel is stuck, desperate to be one thing but without a clear identity. And time is running out. In light of her Grandfather’s declining health, Rachel is worried about losing her only connection to her Indian heritage. Her father is Indian, but from an early age has rejected his roots, and her mother is white. Uncertain and desperate, she attempts to bring Indian culture into their lives before it is too late - and organises their very first celebration of Diwali. Shining a light on the biracial experience in the modern day, Passing explores the familiar sense that cultural heritage is lost through the generations, and the urgency to keep that heritage alive. With music, food, and even board games, the play promises to push the Singh family to the limits, challenging the politely restrained appearance they are desperate to keep up in front of guests.

How long does Passing Last for? 155 Minutes

Does Passing have any age restrictions? 12+

Does Passing have an interval? Yes

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Where is Passing playing?

Passing currently has no current or future productions scheduled

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