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Notice to Move
Strong language


Notice to Move

Strong language
Notice to Move

The camaraderie of six soldiers is challenged when cocky Sprog arrives to replace a fallen friend hours before deployment. After Rutter’s mistakes in training that could cost their lives in action, the soldiers question who will have their back as they’re put on notice to move. With Smudge on back-to-back tours, Knobby still pulling pranks, Lewis hiding something from her team and Chopper unusually quiet, it’s not just the new kid picking at this second family’s scars. Will they make it back from breaking point or has it gone too far this time? There are big decisions to be made by the soldiers who can only ‘hurry up and wait’.

How long does Notice to Move Last for? 60 Minutes

Does Notice to Move have any age restrictions? 15+

Does Notice to Move have an interval? No

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Notice to Move currently has no current or future productions scheduled

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