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Moment of Grace
Strong language


Moment of Grace

Strong language
Moment of Grace

Based on personal testimonies, Moment of Grace tells of the famous visit by Diana, Princess of Wales, to Britain’s first AIDS Unit in 1987 and its impact on three people – Andrew, a patient, Jude, a nurse, and Donnie, a fireman estranged from his son. In a world where even being seen to work on this ward could cost you everything, this act paved the way for a major shift in the public perception of people living with HIV and AIDS. Worldwide interest, news crews and a televised interview followed. To change public misconceptions, would you have risked it? Addressing an untold but incredibly important part of recent LGBTQ+ and collective history, Moment of Grace will make you laugh, cry, get angry, and open your heart.

How long does Moment of Grace Last for? 60 Minutes

Does Moment of Grace have any age restrictions? 14+

Does Moment of Grace have an interval? No

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Moment of Grace currently has no current or future productions scheduled

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