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Matilda the Musical

Matilda the Musical at The Other Place

Matilda the Musical

December 2010 until January 2011.

This production of Matilda the Musical Ran From 09/12/2010 to 30/01/2011 and is a Residency at The Other Place featuring Paul Kaye, Bertie Carvel, Lauren Ward, Kerry Ingram, and Adrianna Bertola [Generated By Dress Circle]

Runtime:155 minutes

Recommended Age: 7+

This is an older production of Matilda the Musical, Did you know that Matilda the Musical has an active production right now! Why not check it out Matilda the Musical

This production has finished, but would you like to know when Matilda the Musical announces another?

Matilda the Musical Cast

Paul Kaye

Mr Wormwood

Bertie Carvel

Miss Trunchbull

Lauren Ward

Miss Honey

Josie Walker

Mrs Wormwood

Peter Howe

Michael Wormwood

Matthew Malthouse

The Escapologist

Marc Antolin


Nick Searle


Emily Shaw

The Acrobat

Kuan Frye

Bruce Bogtrotter

Jake Bailey

Bruce Bogtrotter

James Beesley

Bruce Bogtrotter

Ruby Bridle


Katie Lee

Amanda Thripp

Jadie-Rose Hobson

Amanda Thripp

Lara Weaver

Amanda Thripp

Jessica Adair


Daisy Brophy


Rob Madge


Matilda the Musical Creative