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Heathers The Musical


Heathers The Musical

Heathers The Musical

Greetings and salutations. Welcome to Westerberg High where Veronica Sawyer is just another nobody dreaming of a better day. But when she joins the beautiful and impossibly cruel Heathers and her dreams of popularity may finally come true, mysterious teen rebel JD teaches her that it might kill to be a nobody, but it is murder being a somebody…

How long does Heathers The Musical Last for? 150 Minutes

Does Heathers The Musical have any age restrictions? 14+

Does Heathers The Musical have an interval? Yes

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Where is Heathers The Musical playing?

Heathers The Musical currently has no current or future productions scheduled

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LikesWhat they loved

  • Costumes, the cast were great
  • everything
  • Some fantastic songs that you can belt out in the car while driving.
  • Everything about this show! The cast, the music, the costumes and even the theatre!
  • Very little
  • Heathers came into my life in a season where I needed escapism and joy and it brought both those things in buckets
Seen by 19 fans
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DislikesWhat they didn't enjoy

  • Some parts felt very dated culturally, songs were quite similar
  • I just didn't enjoy this one
  • I don’t have a bad word about the show!
  • I couldn’t understand what the singes were about.
  • Didn't like the story line, no memorable songs, probably not helped by an almost empty theatre

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