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Good Luck, Studio


Good Luck, Studio

Good Luck, Studio

It’s the final night of recording Wibble the Dragon. The show is massively over budget and under written. With one hour left to film 16 pages and an audience of children getting more and more impatient, the cast and crew know big cuddly heads are going to roll. The last thing anyone needs is a failed actor showing up with a sinister vendetta and his own dragon costume. In this adult take on a kids’ TV show more than just careers will die. Good Luck, Studio is a new dark comedy from the award-winning theatre company Mischief, written by Henry Shields and directed by Henry Lewis.

How long does Good Luck, Studio Last for?

Does Good Luck, Studio have any age restrictions? 14+

Does Good Luck, Studio have an interval? No

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Where is Good Luck, Studio playing?

Good Luck, Studio currently has no current or future productions scheduled

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