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Flowers for Mrs Harris


Flowers for Mrs Harris

Flowers for Mrs Harris

For Ada Harris, day-to-day life is spent cleaning houses. But one day when she is working for a wealthy client in Belgravia, she happens upon a Dior dress that takes her breath away. In that magical moment, Ada has an epiphany and sets off on a journey that will change her life... From the cobbled streets of post-war London to the magical avenues of Paris and beyond, Ada transforms the lives of everyone she meets along the way, but can she let go of her past and finally let her own life blossom?

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Flowers for Mrs Harris currently has no current or future productions scheduled

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    • I’ve not read the book, but hugely enjoyed the recent film adaptation. This was quite different. It overran by 10 minutes compared to the advertised time, so lasting nearly 3 hours with interval, I was surprised how little ground gets covered in what’s generally a simple, lovely little story. Side characters are hugely underwritten and nowhere near as charming as the film version. The Sondheim-esque score is rather forgettable and gets very annoying, considering moving the story forward and developing characters are sidelined in favour of bland repetition. Mrs Harris doesn’t even get to wear a dress!

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