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Errol’s Garden
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Errol’s Garden

On tourClosing soon
Errol’s Garden

Errol loves plants so much that he has them growing out of every pot, pan and teacup he can find in his small flat, to the dismay of his family. He knows that plants need water, sunlight and space. They need a garden. Errol and his sister Tia search through their block of flats for the perfect space, and discover a neglected rooftop full of rubbish. After Errol and Tia clean up the space, they imagine building a community garden, but first, they will need to convince all of their neighbours to pitch in and help. A grumpy neighbour and some garden pests try to stand in their way, but Errol is determined to make his dream a reality.

Show Length 50 Minutes

Recommended Minimum Age 3+

Interval? No

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