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Cruel Intentions

Cruel Intentions at Assembly George Square Gardens

Cruel Intentions

August 2019 until August 2019.

This production of Cruel Intentions Ran From 01/08/2019 to 25/08/2019 and is a Residency at Palais du Variété Spiegeltent featuring Dominic Andersen, Rebecca Gilhooley, Evelyn Hoskins, Scott Hunter, and Sophie Isaacs [Generated By Dress Circle]

Recommended Age: 7+

Fringe Production

This is an older production of Cruel Intentions, Did you know that Cruel Intentions has an active production right now! Why not check it out Cruel Intentions

This production has finished, but would you like to know when Cruel Intentions announces another?

Cruel Intentions Cast

Dominic Andersen

Sebastian Valmont

Rebecca Gilhooley

Kathryn Merteuil

Evelyn Hoskins

Cecile Caldwell

Scott Hunter

Blaine Tuttle

Sophie Isaacs

Annette Hargrove

Dean John-Wilson

Greg McConnell

Ashley Samuels

Ronald Clifford

Gemma Salter

Bunny Caldwell

Cruel Intentions Creative

Gary Lloyd


Lee Newby


Sarah Morrison

Music Director