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Club Tropicana

Club Tropicana

Take a trip back to the electric 80s and embark on a summer of love and smash-hit classics . Hair was big! Shoulders were padded! Mobiles weighed a tonne! Welcome to the Club Tropicana Hotel- the 1980s answer to Love Island, where the drinks are free and the whole family is invited to join the ultimate holiday musical, celebrating all that we love about the 80s. When our budding bride and groom get cold feet, they decide to jet off to sunnier climes and feel the heat - but little do they know they've checked into the same hotel... The sizzling summer season at the Club Tropicana sees drinks flowing and tans glowing. Will our young lovers decide to go through with the wedding? Will the hotel inspectors finally get their way and close the resort, or will the staff save the day? All will be revealed in hilarious style, to an irresistible soundtrack!

How long does Club Tropicana Last for? 155 Minutes

Does Club Tropicana have any age restrictions? 8+

Does Club Tropicana have an interval? Yes

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Where is Club Tropicana playing?

Club Tropicana currently has no current or future productions scheduled

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