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Cinderella The Musical


Cinderella The Musical

Cinderella The Musical

Welcome to Belleville! The most aggressively picturesque town in the history of the world, populated exclusively with gorgeous townsfolk who stop at nothing to achieve perfection. Belleville is fairy tale come to life: a place where you can’t move without falling over a wishing well or a quivering milkmaid. Maintaining this façade is a full time job, and one that is taken very seriously indeed.

How long does Cinderella The Musical Last for? 160 Minutes

Does Cinderella The Musical have any age restrictions? 7+

Does Cinderella The Musical have an interval? Yes

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Where is Cinderella The Musical playing?

Cinderella The Musical currently has no current or future productions scheduled

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LikesWhat they loved

  • Catchy Songs, great sets and outfits.
  • Magic seats and the change in the sotryline it was really cool and fun. I really like Carrie
  • Its good - such a shame it closed
  • Quirky, a bit bonkers but colourful with some fab performances
  • Enjoyable lead performances from Carrie & Ivano, a few great ALW ballads.
  • Costumes for the mother characters
  • Some really funny characters and enjoyable songs. The ‘magic’ seating was really unique.
  • A different take, great story and some fantastic surprises
  • The irreverence of it was amazing. Loved the costumes and the characters portrayed. Carrie Hope Fletcher knocked the socks off me.
  • Loved the "surprise", some great songs, great writing, fab casting
Seen by 12 fans
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DislikesWhat they didn't enjoy

  • A bit long!
  • It took a long time for the relationship to start
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber is a ****
  • A total mess of a show. Dull direction, too many average songs, it just drags.
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber writes notes that aren't anywhere else in the musical world and they suck. Terrible book, terrible plot, terrible music, weirdly sexual for a show aimed at kids. Dreadful
  • If your expecting Cinderella, you’ll be disappointed.
  • A few of the latter songs were a bit Whiney and repetitive
  • Sometimes song lyrics were a bit unclear as there were multiple parts layered over each other.

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