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Bombay Superstar
Opening soonJukeboxBollywood


Bombay Superstar

Opening soonJukeboxBollywood
Bombay Superstar

Laila, a blooming starlet, is romanced by the dashing hero Sikandar. They star in blockbuster musicals where heroes wear their hearts on their sleeves and rescue beautiful damsels from the clutches of villains on the mean streets of Bombay. As their passion secretly grows, the intensity of their emotions threatens to burn everything in the city of hope and dreams - will there be a happily ever after for the star-crossed lovers?

How long does Bombay Superstar Last for? 140 Minutes

Does Bombay Superstar have any age restrictions? 12+

Does Bombay Superstar have an interval? Yes

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Bombay Superstar currently has 1 upcoming production

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