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An Improbable Musical


An Improbable Musical

An Improbable Musical

Theatre as live as it gets. Witness the creation of the newest musical around, every night! You want to know a secret? The best bits of any show, you never get to see: beautiful moments of discovery, fresh minted gags, a story coming alive for the first time – all this happens in the rehearsal room. Less of a secret is that you never see the worst: dead ends, duff choices, bits that don’t fit. But what if we let you in on the secret and put them ALL on the stage: triumphs, disasters, the wonderful and the what-the-hell? How? By improvising from scratch a new show made especially for the audience that night. Story, song and puppetry conjured from the unlikeliest materials by matchless performers and every moment of creation (or lack of it) witnessed by you. Definitely not an attempt to improvise the “classic” musical but an unapologetic experiment in starting with nothing and seeing where we end up.

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An Improbable Musical currently has no current or future productions scheduled

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